If You Listen Closely

If You Listen Closely is a compilation of background scenery stills taken from episodes between 1949 to 1994 of the cartoon series Wile E. Coyote and The Roadrunner. These stills, landscape shots depicting roads running through desert scenery, were drawn by background artists Pete Alvarado, William Butler, Philip DeGuard, Ron Dias, Robert Gribbroek, Maurice Noble, Tom O’Loughlin, Anthony Rizzo and Bob Singer, among others. Removing the characters, action, narrative and sound from the cartoon series and focusing instead on the imagery that is secondary to this, the sequence of images in this work subverts the role of background scenery by turning it into the foreground and subject of a new animation. The title (borrowed from another animation, being the literal translation of the 1995 Studio Ghibhli film Whisper of the Heart) proposes a seemingly paradoxical question in the context of a silent video that can be resolved when the notion of waiting for something to happen is discarded and one comes into the presence of the work itself.